Steve Rowe's Web Presence

This is my non-work-related website.  I have been meaning to do this for a few years now (like 10) but I am just not very good at writing things down.
Steve With Camel in KuwaitFirst, let me explain the photo.  I was in Kuwait working as a contractor to the United States Army for a few weeks in the fall of 2004.  While in the desert there, I met a camel.  I call him "Akhmed", and he was with a herd of his pals.  Many camels roam more or less free in the deserts of northern Kuwait.  They can smell water from about 200 yards away, and will be very direct in asking for it.

Next, here are some links to people I know:  My wife Lisa.  My friend Neil.

And since I don't believe in web pages with no value to the community, here are some links useful to all the Dungeons and Dragons players out there.  I have taken the D&D System Reference Document (SRD) version 3.5 and converted it to HTML.  I am not the first person to have done this.  On the other hand, I have stripped out the non-standard crap that Microsoft Word injects into an HTML export, and added many hyperlinks to the text, making it more useful as an online guide.  I did this by creating a Perl script to identify the topics of interest in the text and generate links.  That perl script is HERE.  You may download the resulting bundle as a ZIP file if you just want the files on your computer.  I have also mashed these pages into Plucker format so that I can have the SRD and my characters on my Palm or Axim handheld.  The Plucker PDB version of the SRD is here.